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BPX Gift Card

BPX Gift Card


Gift Card

You want to offer a Bashô product to a friend, but you do not know which color to choose? We have the solution!

This Gift Card is valid for any Backpack Extra in stock, excluding the sepecial editions.

Just send the email with the order number to your friend, and he as to return it to us refering the Backpack Extra choosen, in stock in our online store, as well as the confirmation of the delivery adress.

This Gift Card can only be used once, and is valid for 3 months from the date of issue.

You must include a shipping address and pay the shipping costs. The adress can be changed before the shipping, within the same country.


Rolling backpack with opening for easy access to its interior. It allows to adjust the top of the backpack to the content conveyed.
Exterior frontal pocket with 25x27cm, with reflective tape in the bottom. Padded back and shoulder straps. Crossed straps in the front for extra objects.
The backpack can also be used as a pannier, it allows to be attached easily and quickly to the bike rack using two velcro straps. Constructed in smooth vinyl canvas water resistant and washable. Interior independent vinil fabric to increase waterproof.
Dimensions 38/64x29x16cm. Capacity 17-30 litres.

Note: Interior colours maybe different from the picture

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